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Education:  Public education has been underfunded for years in Washington. That has to stop. We also need to make sure that parents have as many resources and options available to them as possible.  This means fully funding our public schools, and keeping charter schools open.  As an uncle to two girls just entering our public education system, I feel a responsibility to make sure they are offered the best education possible.  Not just for their sake, but for all of ours.


Taxes:  Our state budget is the highest it has been in history. What we need is a limited, but fiscally sound government that uses the revenue they already have more wisely, leaving no need for tax increases, or the state income tax that Democrats are pushing for.


Small Business:  As a small business owner in Pierce County, I have seen first-hand the negative impact government restrictions have on small business in Washington.  When we limit business owners, we limit their ability to create jobs.  Further, we limit opportunities for young job seekers to open small businesses, create their own wealth, and create additional jobs. We need to support and encourage young entrepreneurs, not stifle them.


Infrastructure:  The term “Traffic Avenue” has become a punchline in Sumner.  Every year people in the 31st District are spending more time stuck in traffic, and less time at home with their families.  We have the budget to fix the problem, and reduce commute times.  It just needs to be prioritized.  I will vote for more roads, and more time with family.


Protect the Constitution:  Washington has one of the most comprehensive state constitutions in the country. It ensures that our citizen’s individual rights and liberty are never trampled by the government.  Article 1, section 1 states, “All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.”  That is worth protecting.